Get A Month Completely Free!

Make 2021 the best year yet!

The Race At Your Pace Annual Pass is back for 2021!

Get ready for a great year with your Race At Your Pace 2021 Annual Pass! With our Annual Pass you can purchase a year of challenge entries in one go and get one month completely free!

Not only do you get 12 entries for the price of 11, but you will also automatically be included in our 2021 Loyalty Reward, meaning you will also get a free bespoke medal at the end of the year too!

All you will need to do each month is decide which challenge and distance you’d like to take on. Just enter your challenge when entries open, put in your unique pass code and you’re ready to go!

You can change the challenge and distance each month if you’d like to, and also you can add on compression tops or a personalised distance medal.

Once you’ve bought your pass, we will issue you with a unique code that can be used at checkout each month. Your pass takes care of the rest!

Buy your Annual Pass now!

If you don’t have any 2021 entries, then this is the pass for you! Any miles you’ve covered from Jan 1st count!

Buy An Annual Pass January – December $176

If you’d like to purchase and Annual Pass but already have an entry into one or more challenges in 2021, no problem! Just send us a quick email and we can help!




FAQS: Annual Pass

Absolutely! You can enter whichever challenge and whichever distance you like, and this can change each month. If you’d like to walk one month and swim another, that’s fine!

Yes, you can add any optional extras such as a compression top or personalised distance medal to your challenge each month if you’d like to, just add these on the entry form!
You can enter each month’s challenge on the usual entry form. When you reach the checkout, just put your unique code (starting AP) in the coupon code box.
We will email you your code after you have purchased your Annual Pass. It’ll be on your welcome email and will be the same code every month of 2021.
The 2021 Annual Pass is £109.00 for entry to a challenge each month of 2021. The price includes 10% off the January challenge and one month completely free. You’ll also automatically be included in the Loyalty Reward for 2021 too, meaning you’ll receive 2 free medals!

Yes, there is! For under 16s, we have the Kids Annual Pass available. This pass works in exactly the same way as the adult passes, but is for our kids challenges. All the discounts still apply and our younger participants will get a free month, they’ll be included in the Loyalty Reward too! The Kids Annual Pass is £77.00.

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