Best Running Apps 2020

If you’re on the lookout for some useful and innovative apps to take your running to the next level, then look no further. Here we’ve listed and explained some of our favourite running apps of 2020 that can help take your workouts to the next level!

All types of different apps are outlined below, so there should hopefully be at least one that suits your individual requirements.

Strava – Tracking App

Strava is often the favoured tracking app for cyclists, swimmers and runners alike. The app is used by both experienced athletes and those who just enjoy a leisurely jog, providing the essential GPS tracking, average pace and a wide range of other metrics that’ll help to keep tabs on your performance.

Unlike other tracking apps, Strava also tracks your pace throughout different segments of your run and allows you to compare your time to other runners/cyclists who have covered the same route. This aspect makes the app particularly suited to competitive runners who want to compare their performance against friends or other runners within their area.

One of its unique benefits is its goal tracking feature that enables athletes to set themselves goals and track their progress as it happens. You’re able to set yourself a target of covering a specified distance, running a route in a set time and so on, so is ideal if you’re striving to continually improve your ability or are training for an upcoming event.

Nike+ Run Club – Coaching App

Nike+ Run Club is app we love and often recommend to participants of our monthly running virtual challenges. It’s the ultimate tool for improving your running, pushing you all the way to help you get the most out of your workouts. The app is tailored to you and provides audio-guided running workouts from Nike’s specialist coaches, elite athletes like Mo Farah, and entertainers like Kevin Hart, all of which are designed to improve your strength, endurance and speed.

The app (which supports all generations of Apple Watches) has plenty of other awesome features as well, including trophies and badges to celebrate your individual achievements, personalised coaching plans, and customisable post-run sharing options.

Runtastic – Motivational App

If you easily get bored during your workouts, this could be the app for you. Not only is Runtastic a reliable tracking app, but it helps to keep your mind occupied and motivated while you run. Its ‘Story Running’ feature allows you to download Story Runs (podcast-style tracks) that encourage and motivate you throughout your workout. These stories include compelling content and are specifically designed to motivate you while working out.

Other cool features of the app include its ability to gather weather and temperature information to help you schedule the best time for your runs, and its Auto-Pause feature automatically pauses a session when you stop running to help make sure all data recorded is accurate.

ROAD iD – Safety App

This handy app is recommended for all runners to have on their phone in the case of an emergency. As well as allowing you to share your location with friends and family, it also notifies your specified contacts via text or email when you become stationary for five minutes and fail to respond to the app’s alert prompts. It’s the ideal app for delivering peace of mind, and one that you hopefully won’t have to use, but need to have just in case.

Human – Beginner’s App

This app is ideal if you’re looking to become more active and start to get into fitness. It operates in the background throughout your day, tracking your moves and the time you actually spend being active, giving you a gentle reminder if you’re not on track to hit your 30 minutes of exercise a day.

It’s a great introduction into exercise, and is perfect for starting a regular running/cycling routine.

RunGo – Navigation App

If you’re often away from home and regularly running in locations that you’re not too familiar with, RunGo is a must. Rather than having to worry about memorising your planned route, the app gives you turn-by-turn voice directions, allowing you to solely focus on your running and preventing the problem of getting lost in an unknown place.

Not to worry if you’re hiking through a remote area where there’s minimal connectivity, you can easily download your favourite routes to your phone beforehand so that the app can even work offline.

MyFitnessPal – Weight Loss App

MyFitnessPal is perfect for those wanting to lose some weight through running. It tracks the calories you’ve burnt and you’re completed runs in one place, letting you know exactly how many calories you have left before you reach your daily individual goals. Your progress will be displayed on a chart, providing a visual representation of just how far you’ve come since you started working out.

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