2109, 2023

Virtual Challenges for Corporate Teams

Corporate virtual running and walking challenges are gaining in popularity. They are a fun and effective way to promote fitness, encourage team bonding and improve mental health in the workplace. With many challenges available and it's important to choose the right virtual running challenge for you. Race At Your [...]

2109, 2023

How Corporate Challenges Boost Morale

Workplace morale plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction and productivity. Completing an activity together, such as a virtual challenge with a shared goal, can be an easy way of a challenge increasing morale and forging stronger team bonds. Inclusive challenges such as Race At Your Pace’s walking, running, [...]

2109, 2023

The Benefits of Corporate Challenges

Improve your team’s health and wellbeing while boosting team morale, and having fun! Corporate monthly virtual challenges have become hugely popular. They are an effective way of enhancing employee wellbeing whilst boosting team morale. Race At Your Pace’s innovative approach to group fitness takes the convenience of virtual platforms [...]

2805, 2021

Fun Employee Wellness Challenges 2021

The pandemic forced businesses and their employees to be more adaptive and resilient than ever before. As we emerge from this challenging time, it is vital that workforces also take steps to prioritise the physical and mental health of their staff. Not only does making time to nurture mental and [...]

2704, 2021

Fun Wheelchair Fitness Challenges

In this blog from the Race At Your Pace team we list some of our favourite fitness challenges for wheelchair users. Wheelchair Fitness Challenges & Workouts The type and intensity of exercise that you can participate in will depend on your level of physical ability. Mobility issues, for example, will [...]

1504, 2021

Corporate Fitness Challenge Ideas

Corporate fitness challenges are a great way to get a group of employees excited, engaged and bonding! By making challenges fitness related, you can help drive positive changes for people in their physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, corporate fitness challenges can reduce the risk of major chronic illnesses attributed [...]

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