Buddy up – Benefits of exercising with a friend

What are Benefits of Exercising with a Friend?

As the autumn sets in and the nights get colder, the prospect of exercise becomes less and less attractive. Cosy nights in with your friends and a bottle of wine start taking precedence over working out, but why not get them involved? Here are some top benefits of exercising with someone else:

  1. Make your workout fun

Laughing with a friend while exercising is guaranteed to make a gruelling workout fun (and no doubt increases the calories you burn). If you find doing the same workout monotonous or get bored doing cardio, having a good catch up with your pal is sure to help.

Mixing your social life and exercise routine may become your new, albeit healthier, Friday night plan.

  1. Healthy competition

Although you and your friend will say it’s just for fun, you will inevitably raise your weights, increase the pace, and do extra reps. There is nothing wrong with a little competition, especially if it means you push yourself that little bit further.

If you like the competition, why not suggest a Race at Your Pace running challenge to your friend and battle it out to see who wins their medal first?

However, know your limits, both physically and of your friendship – keep the banter flowing and the one-upping to a minimum!

  1. Motivation

Having a workout partner means being not only responsible for your fitness, but also someone else’s. Being “too tired” or “not in the mood” suddenly feels like a poor excuse for bailing on your friend and skipping a day. Plus, the numerous missed calls and text reminders from your friend are sure to get you off the sofa and in the mood.

Besides encouraging you to exercise, a friend can motivate you during a workout too. They will know exactly how to make you smile when you feel like giving up, or what to bribe you with…

  1. Confidence boost

Too scared to run in public alone? Don’t fancy making a fool of yourself at outdoor yoga? Grab a friend!

If exercising outside is daunting to you, or you get overwhelmed in the weights section, bring someone with you. Not only will having a friend make you feel less alone, but you will also be more confident and unafraid to make a mistake. So what you fell over trying a complicated yoga pose – you and your friend can have a good laugh about it!

  1. Save money

Lots of gyms or fitness packs have referral schemes where you can get rewards for recommending others, including free passes, spa days, or money off! Not only do you get a new gym buddy, but you also get additional perks.

Aside from incentivised gym memberships, buddying up means you can go halves on equipment to share, borrow bikes, or carpool together.

  1. Safety

A friend may be able to spot you while you lift weights or correct your form if it looks a bit off, preventing injury and generally improving the efficiency of your workout. Additionally, having someone there is beneficial if you get injured during your workout, need a spot when lifting weights, or are running alone at night.

  1. Meeting goals

If your friend knows what you aim to achieve, they will help as much as possible. Whether it is motivating you to go workout, pushing you to do that extra rep, bribing you to do that final mile, or laughing with you during an intense set, your friend will become your biggest supporter.

Race at your pace provides the perfect opportunity for you and your friend to work towards personal goals and get a medal to show for your hard work.

Not only will you be successful in meeting your goals, but you will also become an inspiring motivator for your friend… and what’s better than being there for a friend?


With your improving fitness and friend in tow, you, my friend, will be smashing your goals in no time.

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