Corporate Fitness Challenge Ideas

Corporate fitness challenges are a great way to get a group of employees excited, engaged and bonding! By making challenges fitness related, you can help drive positive changes for people in their physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, corporate fitness challenges can reduce the risk of major chronic illnesses attributed to lack of physical activity, common in office environments.

It’s important to remember when conducting a corporate fitness challenge that not everyone may be keen on competitiveness. Instead, ‘challenges’ can be presented as fun ways to encourage short term changes for health and morale improvements. The best corporate fitness challenges are inclusive and allow individuals to approach it in a way they feel comfortable!

Whether you block out a whole day for fitness challenges or incorporate goals to achieve within a time period, there are many ways to bring fun fitness challenges to a corporate world. For fun, inclusive and effective corporate fitness challenge ideas, keep reading!

Step Competition

Step challenges are very common in corporate environments, and for good reason – they are very motivating! Employees may do more steps for their own health, to feel part of a wider group, or just to try and win a prize. Usually, corporate step challenges are either formatted according to the individual (i.e. who can get the most steps per day or within a time limit) or as a group, through creating a large goal to hit collectively.

The target could be for each person to hit 10,000 steps a day for a month, or reach a group total of 100,000 a week, for example. Be sure to chat with employees and check what is reasonably manageable and who feels comfortable attempting what.

Step challenges are not just good fun; they can have great health benefits too, even weight loss! There are so many benefits to walking regularly, especially for those in corporate jobs where movement throughout the day is limited. To encourage participation, consider a prize or reward for hitting a goal, such as free lunch or an extra vacation day, or schedule team walks around beauty spots for a team bonding aspect.

Sports Day

Holding a company-wide sports day can be a fun way to integrate fitness into team bonding! Teams can be split into different departments, or randomly selected to encourage cross-departmental interactions. From this one day, new connections can be made and ideas shared, which can massively improve communication and work processes!

Setting up a variety of events, races and challenges ensures that everyone of any ability can take part. Although physical benefits from a sports day may be short term, the fun and memorable experiences of the day will no doubt boost morale around the office!

Habit Building Challenges

Habit building challenges are effective corporate fitness challenges as they ensure long term adoption of positive and healthy habits. The common saying that ’it takes 21 days to build a habit’ may be slightly off, but the principle stands; to build a habit, people must be consistent over an extended period of time.

Incorporating habits into a corporate fitness challenge could entail a challenge to drink 1.5 litres of water during the working day, taking the stairs instead of the lift, using the lunch hour for a walk, or increasing fruit and veg intake. To ensure the challenge is stuck with for a long time, employees could record the days they achieve their goal on a board, and if everyone consistently achieves their goal, there is a prize.

Race At Your Pace Virtual Challenges

Monthly virtual challenges are ideal corporate fitness challenges! Whether employees are working from home and therefore less able to join in in person, or individuals want to choose their own targets personalised to their ability and likes, virtual challenges are perfect. And as they last for a month, participants are likely to feel physical and mental benefits from their fitness goal completion!

At Race At Your Pace we provide award winning virtual challenges with unique monthly medals and tops. Participants simply choose whether they want to run, walk, step, swim, cycle, or roll throughout the month and select their target distance. At the end of the month, those who have successfully completed their goal get a medal – super motivating!

As participants have the whole month, they can literally race at their pace, however and whenever they want. Anyone of any ability can take part and choose a challenge that suits them! Therefore, employees can take part in the corporate fitness challenge in a way that they can enjoy. Groups of employees can even set up teams to motivate and cheer each other on throughout the month, helping everyone reach their goals, no matter what they are.

Find out more about how our virtual challenges work and our corporate challenges. With your own dedicated account manager and even group discounts, our monthly challenges are the perfect corporate fitness challenges, facilitating long term physical and mental health improvements!

Mindfulness Challenges

Mental health and physical health are intrinsically linked, therefore a corporate fitness challenge should not neglect the mental health side of fitness. Our blog on exercise and mental health demonstrates the many positive impacts exercise can have on mental health, highlighting just how important it is to keep balance between the two.

Mindfulness challenges in a corporate setting can be done independently or alongside fitness challenges to ensure employees are maintaining positive wellbeing. Tracking the daily use of a meditation app, recording feelings in a journal, or creating a personal mindful diary could be part of a mindfulness challenge. Other examples include weekly yoga, group meditation, or walking buddies – all of which should encourage positive mental fitness within a corporate environment.

Corporate Fitness Challenges with Race At Your Pace

Sign your employees up to Race At Your Pace virtual challenges and benefit from a whole month of activity and fun, with a shiny medal at the end! Whether people want to step, walk, run, swim, cycle or roll, we have a challenge for everyone! Choose from a range of challenges and distances, complete the miles at your own pace within the month, and be rewarded for your efforts.

To boost your employee’s physical and mental wellbeing, sign up for Race At Your Pace’s corporate challenges!

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