Race Evidence

It’s quick and easy to record and submit your distances.

Evidence Made Easy

It’s easy to record the distances you are covering and prove your miles.

Towards the end of the month we will email you a form which asks if you have completed your challenge. It’s here you can let us know whether you have completed your miles and if so, where you can upload your evidence if you have it.

This info will help you with recording your miles, ready for submission on your evidence form. We also have monthly trackers you can print – perfect for keeping an eye on your progress throughout the month!

If you need help converting your distances from kilometres to miles, or working out how many miles you’ve swum in a pool, check out our calculators below!

If you are really struggling to record evidence, or something goes wrong with your phone, app, or tracker, all is not lost. Just pop us an email and let us know. Ultimately, we do not believe anyone would falsely claim a medal they had not earned – why would you?

If you have a tracker, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava or Nike Running) or any other similar recording device it is easy to record the runs, just upload a photo or screenshot of the overall miles for the month on your evidence form and that is it! Done!

If you are planning on completing some or all of your miles on a treadmill, or don’t have access to a smartphone or recording device, it’s not a problem either. Just make a note of the miles you have completed in a training log, whether this is on a spreadsheet or hand written – whatever works for you. You can work out the mileage of your route using online maps to calculate how far you’ve run if you’re unsure of the distance.

To record miles on your bike you can use bike computers, trackers or apps such as MapMyRide.

Like with the run and walk challenges, you can also create your own training log and keep track of your challenge miles that way – it all counts as evidence. Download the Race At Your Pace printable tracker here!

If you don’t have a swim tracker the swim challenges could be slightly trickier to record, but we have made it super easy by having our very own calculator!

It’s so simple to use, all you need to do is enter in the length of the pool you swim in and then add in the number of lengths you have swum to get your total distance in miles. Just add these miles to a training log or screenshot the total at the end of the month for your evidence file.

View Swimming Calculator

We have found in the past that many of our younger participants aren’t able to record their miles. So, we now send all standard kids challenge medals automatically to the parent or guardian on the entry and it is at their discretion whether the medals are awarded.

If your son or daughter has a personalised distance medal then their medal won’t be automatically sent. Instead, we will send an email on the last day of the month with a link to a quick form. There is no need to submit evidence files if you don’t have them, but we will need to know their total miles to be engraved on their medal.

If you’d like to keep track of your progress though, we have some fun trackers to colour in – with new designs each month! Click now to get yours!

Recording your progress on a step challenge couldn’t be easier! You can use a wearable device such as a Fitbit, use an app on your phone, or even use a good old pedometer! There are lots of free step-counting apps you can download or many smartphones have an inbuilt one you can use!

Just as with all our other challenges, you can also download our printable tracker to keep a note of your daily steps. It’s a great way to keep track of your steps each day and see how well you’re doing!


Distance Converter

Use the below converter to change your kilometre distances into miles for your evidence entry.

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