We’re excited to be back with our popular Loyalty Reward for another year! Everyone who enters at least one of our challenges each month of 2024 will be automatically eligible for the free annual medal – whether you run, walk, swim, cycle, wheel or step, every mile counts!

There is no need to register for this reward and there are no forms to complete. Simply enter at least one Race At Your Pace challenge each month of 2024, January-December, and keep note of the miles you complete over the course of the year. We’ll be in touch in December to ask for your total!

2023 Loyalty Reward

If you’ve entered a challenge each month of 2023 then great news, you’re eligible for the 2023 Loyalty Reward medal!

There is nothing you need to do as at the end of December we’ll contact everyone who has entered a challenge from January-December 2023 with info on how to claim the free personalized medal!

If you do want to double check you’re on our list though, then you can always get in touch or log into your account to see your past challenges.


Enter A Challenge Each Month of the Year

Whether you run, walk, swim or cycle, or if you like to mix it up with a different challenge each month, you just need to ensure you’re entered in at least one challenge every month.


Keep a note of your miles

You need to keep track of your annual total for your free medal. You can include all the miles you cover, whether it’s more or less than your monthly challenge distance. To help, we have an annual tracker you can print here. You will still need to submit your evidence each month as usual for your monthly challenge medals.


Let us know your total!

At the end of the year, we will be in touch to ask you for your annual total. Let us know and we will get to work on engraving your bespoke medal! Once it’s done, we’ll send it our to you, all completely free!

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