Quick Guides

Check out our quick guides.

Changing Your Distance

You can also change your distance at any time. Just log in to make the change, and your account will be updated.

Uploading Evidence

On our new platform you can log in to your account to upload evidence, whenever you like! You’ll also be able to keep track of your challenge on our progress bar!

Completing Your Challenge

To claim your medal, you’ll need to mark your challenge as complete, either when you finish your miles or when the month has ended.

Add A Profile

You can add profiles for each member of the family. Sign them up to new challenges, upload their evidence, and see their progress all under a single account!

Switching Profiles

After you’ve created new profiles, you’ll need to switch to them to see their challenges.

Editing and Deleting Evidence

You can edit or delete progress entries you’ve added to your challenge through the timeline, so mistakes can be easily corrected!

Account Creation

Signing up for Race At Your Pace is easy! All you need is an email address to get started on your virtual challenge journey!

Platform Tour

Familiarise yourself with our new platform and the different features.