Success Stories

Sally Baines-Young

I discovered race your pace on Facebook about 5 years ago and have been doing the challenges ever since.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I kept myself motivated to exercise by completing the 100-mile running challenge. This was a massive achievement for me, and it allowed me to keep my mind focused on achieving a goal during this difficult time.

The most rewarding challenge I’ve completed was my 15-mile wheelchair challenge after I broke my ankle and was unable to walk. I hit an all-time low after I had also broken my wrist earlier in the year. The wheelchair challenge boosted my confidence and got me back outside again. I met some wonderful people along the way during this challenge and developed great empathy for full-time wheelchair users; they are amazing people!

I’m continuing to complete Race At Your Pace challenges to build up my fitness again, and have set myself the challenge to walk Ben Nevis soon!