Virtual Swimming Challenges with Medals

Virtual Swimming Challenges

Join Race At Your Pace monthly virtual challenges for the ultimate motivation! Choose your distance, reach your target by the end of the month, track your progress, and claim your medal! Anyone of any ability can take part in our range of challenges, regardless of preferred stroke style, pool size, or swim pace.

We even have a handy swim calculator below! All you have to do is enter the size of the pool and how many lengths you’ve completed to work out your progress in miles!

You can easily enter your challenge, keep an eye on your progress and upload your evidence on our brand new app! Just hit the buttons below to download now, or search for ‘Race At Your Pace’ in your usual app store to make sure you’re involved!

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Missed a month?

Did you miss entering a challenge? No problem! You can still enter here.

Swimming Distance Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how much of your Swim Challenge goal you’ve completed so far.

This calculator simply coverts your lengths into miles, and does not record your data. Be sure to note down your distance!

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