Fun Fitness Workouts

Sometimes exercising can become boring, especially if you do the same workout day in, day out. The more that exercise is viewed as a dull chore, the less likely you are to work out or put in maximum effort.

Switching it up and doing new, fun workouts can motivate you and get you back on track for your fitness goals. From trying a new class at your gym to getting the whole family involved, there are endless possibilities for getting active while having fun.

The best part about super fun workouts is that you won’t even realise you are exercising!

So, whether you are just getting into fitness or simply want to make working out exciting again, here are some fun fitness workout ideas!

Fun Workout Ideas

Whether you ditch the gym and stay fit at home or take to the machines, here are some ideas for injecting fun into fitness.

Charity Fun Runs

Charity fun runs are a great way to get active and have a laugh! With entertaining themes, fancy dress or even paint, fun runs are something to look forward to. As the races are usually non-competitive, you can take your time and enjoy the process instead of focussing solely on goals.

Another great aspect of fun runs is the charitable cause. While you get fit and have fun, money is raised for worthwhile causes – perfect.

Fitness Technology

Fitness technology such as a Wii Fit can be great fun and help to get your heart rate up. Perhaps your kids want to be entertained or you fancy brushing up on your virtual archery skills. Get inspired by fun fitness challenges for kids with one of our previous blogs.

Although unlikely to give you a full-on workout, using games and technology will still get your heart rate up, especially if you choose games involving lots of movement. This can be a great activity to do on a ‘rest’ day, so you don’t feel unmotivated to keep up your goals.


Anyone who has ever danced the night away can vouch for dancing as a great workout!

Put on some of your favourite disco tunes, get moving, and watch your heart rate increase. You can boogie almost anywhere at any time, perhaps while cooking dinner or on a Friday night in.

For an effective workout that targets specific muscles and is structured, consider a dance-based workout class such as Zumba. During these classes you will be constantly moving and should stimulate your muscles.

Crazy Classes

Speaking of classes, why not find out if there are some exciting classes happening near you? Where spinning or yoga may not be your cup of tea, trampolining or ballet-based workouts may be!

Trying something new may take you out of your comfort zone, but if you have fun, then its worth it. Even if you go once, it’s good to explore your options and find fitness workouts that work for you.

Virtual Challenges

Virtual challenges are a great way to get active, set targets and fit workouts around your daily life. With many monthly distance goals for you to choose from across a variety of sports, you can craft your ideal short term fitness goal!

Race At Your Pace offer virtual challenges in running, walking, cycling, swimming, steps and even ones for kids! You can find a challenge that you enjoy and can achieve, working out however and whenever suits you.

Find out some of the many benefits of virtual challenges >

Virtual challenges are so fun because you can complete them in a way you enjoy, whether that means daily exercise or intense sessions on the weekend. It also helps that there is a huge community around you to motivate and inspire, as well as the fact you get a shiny medal upon completion!

How it works >

Hike or Bike

However you prefer to exercise, try changing it up every now and again. If you normally run, why not go for a swim?

If your bike is gathering dust in the garage, get it out on a sunny day and explore a local beauty spot. If you are visiting somewhere new, go on a hike and explore. Or, try kayaking down a beautiful river.

There are so many fun and affordable ways to switch up what you normally do and get others involved – even dogs! Add extra fun to your active day out by bringing a picnic or visiting somewhere special.

Involve Friends

Working out with friends can be great fun, especially if you are trying something new!

There are so many benefits to exercising with others. So, grab a friend and get exercising – you may be surprised by how motivated and happy you are.

Get started with Race At Your Pace

If you want to get motivated or try something new, Race At Your Pace is for you! Choose your distance goal for the month and then get moving! Complete your challenge and even get a medal for all your hard work!

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