2603, 2021

What Is A Wheelchair Virtual Challenge?

Here at Race At Your Pace we offer a range of monthly virtual challenges, including virtual challenges for wheelchair users! In this guide to our wheelchair virtual challenges, we explain all there is to know such as how they work and how you can get involved! What is a Wheelchair [...]

2602, 2021

7 Walking Tips to Help You Get Fitter

Despite the fact that most of us do it every day without even thinking about it, walking is actually one of the best ways to increase our fitness, improve our health and boost our moods – if you do enough of it. By putting one foot in front of the [...]

1502, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Running After Eating

Every runner has to work out what works best for them in terms of running after eating, as discomfort while exercising is a common occurrence. Correctly timing food before a run can maximise the exercise and prevent feelings of nausea. To help runners get the most out of their run, [...]

2901, 2021

Swimming Drills for Beginners

Whether you are new to swimming or want to improve your technique, we’ve collated some of the best swimming drills to help you in improve your in-pool performance. With better technique you’ll be able to swim faster, burn more calories, reduce chance of injury and simply enjoy swimming more! For [...]

2312, 2020

Discover the Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking Meditation

The simple act of walking has the power to transform more than just our physical fitness but our mental wellbeing too. When it comes to walking meditation, we’re talking the feel-good factor – the mindfulness that can help us to reduce the stress and anxiety from our often-chaotic lives. [...]

1412, 2020

Free Walking Pace Calculator – Set Your Walking Pace

Ever wondered how to measure your walking pace? Or wanted to understand what counts as a ‘brisk walk’? We have created this walking pace resource, including a calculator, to help you understand everything you need to know about walking pace. Walking Pace Calculator Use this [...]

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